God-Centered. Golf-Focused. World-Changer.

 Working to achieve success at its highest level in golf.


Clay Myers is a professional golfer living in Dallas, Tx and competing around the globe. Introduced to the game at the age of 8 years old by his father, he progressively got better throughout the years and has played on every competitive level from middle school, high school, collegiate, to professional. Clay has also worked in almost every field in the golf industry from club repair and equipment sales, to planning and organizing golf tournaments. Staying fit, reading books, traveling the world, and working to be a positive role model for others that want to be successful fuel his passion in life, golf.

"I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to turn my dream of playing golf professionally on the PGA Tour into reality." After moving to Florida and turning professional in the fall of 2012, Clay has played on various tours such as NGA Hooters Tour, E-Golf Tour, , Florida Professional Tour, Fore the Players Tour, West Florida Tour, Advocates Tour, and the OGA Tour, as well as Web.com & PGA Tour Qualifiers. "The size of my ambition not only motivates me through my performance but keeps me grounded and humble through my success." However, having such huge aspirations comes with a price tag that is hard to acquire on his own. Please consider making a donation to support Clay in his quest for the PGA Tour.

Connect with me socially...@clay_myersii