I was honored to be given the opportunity to volunteer my time and efforts towards Fellowship Christian Athletes (FCA) this summer. June 2014, FCA help at sports camp in Kutztown, PA with 14 different sports and more than 600 high school, middle school, and youth athletes. I was among 1 of the 4 coaches that assisted with golf. 

It was an amazing experience getting to watch this group of young people improve in their sport and faith. The week long camp provided athletes with outstanding instruction, skill development, and intense competition to prepare the camper for future athletic competition. 

Working alongside PGA member Bob Kraymer, Steve Whittenburg, and Craig Weber, we were able to improve the campers golf skill dramatically and their faith. It was really special watching the light bulb go off in the athletes head whether it was pertaining to something new they learned in their sport or faith. I look forward to going back next year.