I am super excited about this opportunity to play golf in China. I am going there to earn full status on the PGA China tour through qualifying school for this season. The way it breaks down is that out of roughly 110 players, 15 of them get full status (exempt into all twelve tournaments) and the next 20 players get conditional status (exemptions in to varied tournaments). I feel so blessed I am getting to travel the world and do something I love. All my friends tell me they are jealous and tell me “I’m living life” and I really am. However, the pressure that comes along with playing golf at this level is never taken into account. It’s not as glamorous as it looks on television guys, trust me.

I will be flying specifically to a city called Kunming in the Yunnan Province. The tournament starts January 19-22. My birthday is on January 22 as well. How special would it be to earn a PGA China Tour card on my birthday? I’m already claiming it! We are playing The Kunming Wind Valley Club home of two courses- The Lake Course and Mountain Course. We will be playing both of them. Kunming is a city of 6 million people and is the 16th most populated city in China. While I am there I want to do some touristy things like go to national parks and museums and take cool pictures. 

This opportunity aligns with my goal of 1.) winning 5 tournaments this year.  Qualifying will give me a guaranteed twelve chances to win, on this tour alone. I will still continue to play on other tournaments in between events on the China tour. It also aligns with 2.) me staying focused. Ever since I signed up for this event back in early December I have be mentally and physically preparing for this trip. I started working with a new swing coach out of Dallas, named Carlos Brown, got fitted for a new driver (Callaway Big Bertha), and have been studying what I can about the course and the PGA China Tour.

I’ve prayed so much for this opportunity and for it come about, I know it was all God. I pray He continues to work through me to lead and inspire a new generation of golfers. I leave all the results in God’s hands.