I made it to China safely. However, flying for 28 hours was not fun. When I flew to Dubai a couple months ago the flight was 13 hours and I was able to do that no problem. Maybe I was a little more excited about flying to Dubai vs China. Who wouldn't be? On this flight, I had a lot of time to reflect. I thought about how blessed I am to see different parts of the world playing golf. I also thought about how I would play this golf course and the things my swing coach told me at our last lesson. Once I landed I was rushed to catch my connecting flight to Kunming, China so I didn't think to recheck my bags at baggage claim. Therefore, I didn't receive my luggage until two days later. Thank God they got here before the golf tournament starts. Food for thought- always keep your bag tags. I usually throw mine away, subconsciously, when they give them to me, but for some reason I kept them this time.

Chinese culture is very interesting to me. One thing I've noticed is that they eat very healthy here and if they do eat fast food the portions are very small. I also notice they don't have much respect for standing in lines or invading your personal space. It humors me to watch because that would never fly in America. We are too sensitive and opinionated. I have been staying in a hotel called Xi Hao. My roommate, Wesley Yates, and I have been traveling together. The first day here we got ripped off a few times because we were wide eyed and didn't really know what was going on. After a couple days we got the hang of things and started communicating better with the language barrier. The jet lag has been another hurdle to get over. I want to sleep during the day and I'm wide awake at night. It's still taking me some time to get used to it.

I still have a few days until the tournament starts. I thought I'd write to tell you guys what's going on so far and that I'm a little bored. But, I do like it here because it aligns with one of my goals of staying focused. There are so few distractions here that you really have no choice but to focus. I'm feeling very good and confident about the tournament in a couple days. Wish me luck!