For 2016, I want to accomplish so much in my golf career as well as personal life. Last year I focused a lot on my golf career and neglected my personal affairs causing both areas to decline towards the end of the year. I think I got the order wrong. Personal life first, then career.


I will continue to grow in Christ and be more of service to the people around me. Often times, I go to the golf course and a bunch of the teenagers I play golf with sometimes like to come around and chat and challenge me in a match. It’s hard for me to see the impact I can have on people being the first African American professional golfer out of Memphis. I take my role for granted sometimes, and looking back I plan on doing a lot more for my community. I also want to continue to surround myself with like-minded people and to continue to learn more about Jesus building a stronger relationship with Him.


I will win 5 golf tournaments. In my professional career at this point I have not won a professional event. It can be discouraging sometimes, but I am using it as motivation in 2016. In a few weeks I am traveling to China to qualify for the PGA China Tour. After qualifying for that, I plan on playing mini tour tournaments in between the PGA China tournaments because their 12 events in spread out throughout the year. My goal is to win 5x on either tours. I hope I am not selling myself short on this one.


I will continue my fitness journey eating healthier foods and incorporating more yoga. After my bulk season my sophomore year of college where I gained about 30 pounds on muscle I’ve been athletically fit. People ask me all the time how do I work out. In college I worked all the different muscle groups with a balance between a lot of repetition and heavy weight. However, I haven’t done the best with nutrition. I plan on eating healthier and maintaining a diet. I’m thinking about going vegan, maybe. Anybody know the benefits? Also, I did hot yoga twice during a week once and shot 66 in a money game. That’s enough for me to continue


I will continue to read and write. I have started to notice I enjoy reading and writing a lot. I wish I had this enthusiasm about it when I was in college “smh” (shaking my head). I plan on reading at least 30 books this year. In 2015 I read four books in a months, so 30 for the year is realistic for me. I will continue to write in my personal journal as well as my journal online for you guys to read.


I will stay focused the entire year. One of my struggles is that I tend to get distracted. Most of the time it is of my own making. Whether it’s relationships, going out, another job opportunity, and even family and friends. There is always a season where we endure, and I haven’t endured much because I allow distractions in my life. This year I plan on enduring throughout all the trials and victories to come out on the other side a better person.

Hope you guys enjoyed my first journal entry on my goals for 2016. Some are due to change if I win my first five events then I would have to set my goal higher, and etc. If you have any questions or want to talk about anything send me a message through my website, and I’ll get back with you as quick as I can. Thanks and Happy New Year