Hey guys. First I want to thank everybody that has read any of my journals. It brightens my day when I see how many people read them. I'm thinking of doing a Nike giveaway to the first person that reads my next journal and posts a comment. Stay Tuned!

I have officially moved to Dallas, TX. I have been here for a little over two weeks now, and my experience has been amazing, so far. Upon arrival I immediately got plugged in with The First Tee of Greater Dallas. One of my good friends, Reggie Newton, is the program director and was able to get me coaching classes across Dallas. I remember growing up, playing golf in the Mid-South Jr. Golf Association, later to become The First Tee of Memphis, being inspired and motivated by the coaches. I hope to pour that back into the younger generation of golfers in The First Tee.

I've had the great privilege to get fitted for new Nike equipment at “The Oven” in Fort Worth, TX. Through the recommendation of The First Tee Dallas I was able to become part of Nike’s “Developmental Tour Program.” Here they equip their athletes with the latest equipment through an extensive custom fitting process. It was an awesome experience. Being able to get a glimpse into what PGA Tour players have access to makes me want to strive to achieve greatness not only for me but for other golfers like me, who grew up without these advantages.

Also, I signed with G6 Sports and Entertainment Group (www.g6agency.com). Their mission is to be the foremost authority in representation and career development for exceptional professional athletes and entertainers worldwide. The sports division led by Ty Twine, and his partners Mikel Miller and Owen Barnes, provides their athletes with the tools and support needed to outshine their competition both on and off the field. The ultimate goal of G6 Sports and Entertainment is to raise $500,000 through different organizations and companies to sponsor the first group of black tour-ready professional golfers. So far, they have signed me, Christian Heavens (www.christianheavens.com), and Brian Wilbur (@bduski).

My next tournament is March 12-13 in Tampa, FL at Chester Washington Golf Course. This will be my third time playing this event on the Advocates Pro Tour. (www.advocatesprotour.org) Last year I finished 5th with a score of (66,73). I am looking to better my position and score this year, now that I have a better understanding of the course. I am finalizing my tournament schedule for this year and looking to play another full season. By keep my goals and priorities in order, I know I can achieve success at its highest level in golf. Looking forward to what God has planned for me this year.

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