Time seems to fly when you are working, hence my absence from writing posts. A lot has happened since my last post and I want to fill everybody in on what has been going on. Last time I checked in I was headed to play an Advocates event in Tampa, FL. I finished a couple shots out the money with scores of (76,71).

Knowing that I needed to change my swing from an over the top shot to a more inside swing, I struggled for the next couple of months going back between the two. I played a couple of tournament with scores in the high 70s and even 80 one event. At that point I knew I had to fully commit to the change.

In need of instruction, I went home to Memphis to see my old swing coach, Dan Brown again. I had tried another guy in Dallas that ended up not working out and I really need a second pair of eyes from somebody I trust. I went to see him and told him the type of shot I wanted to start playing and he immediately got me started on this funky drill. I understood its intent just looked really weird doing it. However, I saw instant results so I kept doing it.

I went to New Orleans for a tournament after this new swing change and shot 66 the first day. I was thoroughly surprised not only with my performance but also that I was in contention to win a golf tournament. Needless to say I psyched myself out of it, shot 76 the next day but knew then I was on to something. I then qualified for the Texas Open with a 69 then went to Pensacola for an Advocates Tour (www.protour.advocatesgolf.org) tournament and finished 2nd with scores of (69,70). Feeling some momentum. I headed to the Texas Open feeling confident I would make the cut, and that is all I did. I failed to set my goals higher for that event especially since I was playing well. I finished 50th for the tournament with scores of (70,69,76,71). 

Currently, I am working on my game with Dan Brown (swing coach in Memphis) and Pat O'Brian (putting coach in Dallas). I could tell you guys a whole post on what Pat and I have been working on to improve my putting. Putting and driving accuracy are the two areas I want to improve the most on my game right now. I am looking forward to my next event in Los Angeles in a few weeks on the Advocates Tour.