I am excited to tell you guys about a sponsorship I just signed for 2018. But first let me fill you in on what else has been going on in my world.

Since the last event on the Advocates Tour in August, I have been in a dilemma about if I should sign up for Web.com Qualifying School. I wanted to play the event because it was on my schedule for this year, but I was thin on money. Last year I was in the same predicament and signed up for Q-School with $3500 but did not advance all the way through and was completely broke and left searching for jobs. Some good did come out of that situation. If I had not been so desperate to get back to playing full time I would have never come up with my business plan and secured five investors at the beginning of 2017. However, the funds I received lasted me right up Q-School. I was able to get $30,000 for this year, my goal was $65,000 to play an aggressive tournament schedule.   

I also have signed up to do TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) which evaluates golf fitness, and I took an exam to become an ACE certified group fitness trainer. I think it is valuable to understand the golf fitness because I like to exercise, and it might offer opportunities later.

The major news I have for 2018 is that I will be wearing my first logo on my golf shirts. I acquired a deal with the Advocates Pro Golf Tour to play in all of their events and represent them in all other golf related events. I’m excited to be able to advocate for minority golf. It’s such a huge deal in professional golf with the lack of minorities on the PGA Tour, the Advocates Pro Golf Tour wants to push that forward. Their mission is to bring greater diversity to the game of golf by developing African Americans and other minorities for careers in golf. This will be accomplished through professional tournaments, career fairs, and mentoring sessions. I will also help with improving the tour and conducting youth clinics. I am confident some of the next best minority golfers will come from this tour.