Wow, that happened fast. I went from missing three cuts in a row to winning twice in two months. If you go back and read my Missed Cuts journal you’ll see how stressful it can be when you have a bad stretch of tournaments, especially when you don’t have status on any tours. I didn’t think I would have my first two professional wins on the iTour in Dallas, TX, but that’s how God works. Having faith, setting goals, and working a schedule has really helped me continue to work through all the obstacles and setbacks.

My first win I shot 70 at Waterchase Golf Club in Fort Worth, TX. It was cold and windy that day but I struck the ball pretty well and putted decent. I remember feeling really relaxed during the whole round until the 18th hole. It was a par 5, I hit my drive down the middle, 320 yards and about 80 yards in front of my playing competitors. Picture this, I had 200 yards to the pin on my second shot with a wind coming out of 3:30 on the clock system. It was hard for me to tell if the wind was helping or hurting so I took extra time which caused me to start thinking about the importance of the shot and the position I was in, this is to win the tournament. Right away I tightened up and I’m glad I went up a club and played the wind as hurting because I hit this ball so bad, with this timid swing but I got away with it. The ball landed on the front of the green and I two putted for a birdie. 

The second win was a little more exciting. I shot 67 at Firewheel Bridges Course in Garland, TX. I played a practice round on Saturday but didn’t get to play one of the nine holes that the tournament was on. It was interesting because I was hitting the ball well out of the gate but I kept coming so close to hitting the ball in these little hidden lakes and ponds. I capitalized on those breaks birding 4 of my first 5 holes. I birdied the 9th hole to shoot -5 on the front nine. I step on the 10th tee, hit 3 iron down the middle, hit my approach to 15 ft and made the putt for birdie, then I hit my mental threshold. Instead of continuing to play like I had been playing, I got in my head with “OMG I’m playing well” thoughts and “I don’t normally play like this” thoughts, followed by a couple bogeys. I birdied the next two par 5s to shoot -5 for the day. I putted really well that day.

One hole in particular I had to fight to save par. I hit 3 iron down the fairway to 40 yards in front of the green, it was a short, dogleg par 4. I duffed my chip in the bunker, then duffed it out the bunked onto the front of the green 20 feet from the pin.  I was still off the green putting this 20 footer up the hill. I took the putter back and through to make perfect contact with the ball to where it didn’t even think about missing. The ball went in the hole and I yelled! I had to apologize for that outburst I normally try to control my emotions when I’m out there. That was a fun day!

On the big scale of things, I know these two one day tournaments are far from where I want to be, but I’m happy in this moment with those victories. It makes me feel like God is seeing all the hard work I am putting in and blessing me for it. Thank you God.