The grind doesn’t stop. During the summer I seem get more things done, maybe it’s because of the extra hours on daylight. My day mostly consists of waking up early, going to the gym, and either playing golf, working with The First Tee Dallas, or doing things to grow my business and brand.

I’ve played 5 tournaments over the past two and a half months. To sum it up, I’ve averaged 72.3 in tournament scores resulting in an earned total of $800. Not my most productive summer financially. This has me open to additional ways to earn income while continuing to play competitive golf. At the beginning of the year I acquired five sponsors to cover my expenses for traveling and entry fees. So far this year I have not been able to cover my expenses with tournament earnings yet. Therefore, the amount of money I started was depleted 20 tournaments later. One thing I learned and plan to incorporate next year is not to wait to play well in tournaments to earn income.

Along with working as a contract coach for the First Tee of Greater Dallas, I also started another small business as a golf coach. I have one client so far who I see 4 hours a week, but I am looking to grow that business as well. I think what I offer is extremely unique for my clients. They are getting the best golf advice I have received over the years from some of the greatest instructors, and a sustainable plan to play professional golf for those that aspire to do so. I believe I have a great ability to inspire people through the game of golf because it has inspired me immensely.

I have one more tournament to finish my summer swing of events. I decided not to do Qualifying School and save that money for Latin America Q School next year. I also am moving into an apartment with my beautiful girlfriend. I am so excited she is in my life as well as my parents, friends, and everybody that has helped me along the way. I continue to thank God for all these blessings and give him the glory.