The past six months have been golf filled, just undocumented. I first want to thank my fiancee for agreeing to take this life long journey with me. I proposed back in December of 2017, and we have been planning ever since. It has been very exciting and exorbitant. From deciding a date, finding a venue, photographer, to the number of guests, it all adds up! We set the date for April 20, 2019.

Since my last journal in October of last year, I followed up with all my investors for 2017 and cut them their cuts. I was able to sit down with all of them and explain how my year went, how much money I made, and what I want to do to improve for next year. Two out of the four investors  decided to invest again for 2018, and I was able to pick up one more along the way. I am very grateful for those investors who believe in my ability to make it to the PGA Tour. 

Starting the 2018 season I signed up for Latin America Q-School at the Florida site, where I finished near the bottom of the field. I shot (75,74,79,81). I was disappointed as well as motivated to work on my game. I played three more tournaments since then shooting (73,74), (79,81), (78,73). These haven't been my best starts but I will say that I found some confidence on the last nine holes of that 73.

I am still planning and preparing as I move forward this year. Every event I play in is to prepare me for Qualifying School that starts in August, and to successfully make it through. I have an awesome practice facility here in Dallas at TPC Craig Ranch, two great coaches, Jeff Isler and Dr. Robert Neff, a sports psychologist, Dr. Tracy Carrington, my coach back home in Memphis, and a couple chiropractors and fitness instructors I see regularly. I have a great support team around me as well with family and friends. I thank God everyday for this opportunity to do what I love, playing golf and sharing my experiences with others.