It has been hot in Dallas, TX this summer and so has the grind. Looking back two summers ago I was playing solid golf leading up to the Texas Open, and last year I was ready to “retire” from golf and find a job. Which I ended up doing later, its funny how things work out.

Let me start by thanking God for all His blessings and direction for my life. I recently got married this past weekend. Yayyy, *clap clap*. I know it has been very exciting, and it was one of the best days of my life. If you go back to my last post you can read how I thought the wedding planning was going to go. However, things started to move fast, and my wife and I went with it. It turned out wonderful!

This summer the grind has been humbling. I started off the year with so much ambition for tournament golf, and not qualifying for Latin America Q School really deflated me from the start. I started to see a couple new golf coaches after that but nothing really panned out. By April, I realized I haven’t broken par yet in a tournament and my confidence was way down. I got a random call from a golf course I had applied to months before, and they asked me to come in for an interview. I jumped on it because I had yet to cash a check from tournament golf, and I was going through money like water. I needed some relief so I took the job, which cut back on my practicing and tournament travel. It was an adjustment at first, going into a real job, where you have bosses and time clocks. Being a professional golfer you are somewhat of an entrepreneur or self-employed. I learned to that sometimes you have to do what you got to do. This job has definitely been a blessing.

When I lived in Orlando, FL I signed with a talent agency and I used to book commercials, etc. It was fun and I really enjoyed the whole behind the scenes of how thing work on television. I tried to find an agency in Dallas when I first moved here with no luck. Golf would pave a way. I meet a guy in a scramble on day, he was an actor. I told him about the few commercials I did, and he referred his talent agency. I followed up with him immediately and I didn’t get a response. A couple months pass and I see him again on the golf course and I’m like “hey, so what about the talent agency?” He laughed and apologized and said he get in touch with him. He did and they contacted me, I went to meet with them and they said I had a good look and especially liked my golfing background. Since then I have booked a couple gigs and taken some acting classes. If I could portray Tiger Woods in a movie that would be a life goal!

After all of that my golf game actually got better. I started seeing a personal trainer just because I wanted some new workouts and he actually ended up helping my golf swing. He told me one thing that I should do in the golf swing and I went out the next week and shot 70, 67 to finish 2nd on the Advocates Tour and cash my first check for the season. I have been working with him since, as well as my other jobs. 

Up next I have three more Advocates Tour tournaments and a trip to TPC Sawgrass for a visit to the PGA Headquarters. I am looking forward to it, and hopefully I can keep the web.comqualifying school on the table for late August.